I am a neuroscientist, passionate about sensory-motor transformations. Such transformations are crucial for survival and for vibrant communication. Consider how auditory cues directly lead to speech or how visual signals from faces craft our social expressions. I am interested in understanding the neural underpinnings of sensory processes and their possible role in driving motor responses, with a particular focus on their influence on shaping social communication. I am passionate about open science and making science & technology accessible to as many people as possible. I am a photography aficionado, and I use photography as a medium to engage people in scientific themes. 

During my postdoctoral work, I received a Pew Latin American Fellowship at NYU's Pesaran Lab, where I studied primate eye-arm coordination. I later obtained Charles H. Revson and Leon Levy Postdoctoral fellowships for collaborative research on how the brain generates facial expressions at the Freiwald & Prut Lab. I hold a Master's in Neuroscience from the University of Tübingen, and my graduate research at UNAM in the Romo Lab explored thalamo-cortical contributions to perception.



2023- present    

Research Associate, with Dr. A. James Hudspeth 

The Rockefeller University, New York, USA        

2017- 2023       

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, with Dr. Winrich Freiwald

The Rockefeller University, New York, USA


2014- 2016       

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, with Dr. Bijan Pesaran

Center for Neural Science, NYU, New York, USA



2007 –2013         

PhD in Biomedical Sciences, with Dr.  Ranulfo Romo Trujillo

Institute of Cellular Physiology, UNAM, México City, México

2004- 2006            

MSC in Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

International Max Planck Institute School for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience 

Tübingen, Germany

1999- 2003         

BSc in Biomedical Research

UNAM, México City, México